Universal Remarketing sells a diverse range of IT assets including Apple Product such as iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Desktop & Tower PC’s, Notebooks, Servers, Monitors, Printers and many other IT assets.  Universal Remarketing’s commitment to providing quality and reliable refurbished IT assets will ensure best possible market price.  Universal Remarketing markets these assets by a variety of methods:


Remarketing / Wholesale

Universal Remarketing has a wholesale customer database of over 3,000 wholesale customers across Australia.  As a result, Universal Remarketing markets the IT assets to meet specific orders as well as filling high volume orders.  Different to any other IT asset refurbishment company, Universal Remarketing offers all wholesale customers a 90 day, return to base warranty which also increases the sale price.


Retail / Education

As a result of the high quality and reliable systems sold, Universal Remarketing has been able to develop a retail and education customer database of over 2,000 contacts.  This increases the realized market value for all major finance and banking institutions.  Universal Remarketing offers all retail and education customers a 12 months, return to base warranty which increases the attractiveness of refurbished IT equipment and increases the sale price.


Staff Sales

When IT assets are decommissioned, many companies are now seeing the advantage of allowing their staff to purchase these assets for a variety of reasons.  Universal Remarketing can easily develop a process where end-of-life or end-of-lease assets can be provided to Universal Remarketing for refurbishment/upgrade and sold to company staff.  In addition, Universal Remarketing has a national network of IT consultants who can offer support and installation services.