Universal Remarketing has become Australia’s leading refurbishment and remarketing facility by providing a well developed, professional and flexible portfolio of services to all customers.  Universal Remarketing works closely with you to understand your requirements, so a specific IT asset management procedure can be developed for you.  Some of the existing services we offer include:


Asset Collection Services

Universal Remarketing will collect either assets which have been packed in boxes/pallets.  Universal Remarketing can also organize for assets to be packed then collected – both of these services are offered throughout Australia.  In addition, major finance and banking institutions can ask their customers to send their IT assets directly to the Universal Remarketing warehouse facility.


Asset Reporting

Universal Remarketing understands the importance of the individual management of each financed asset for major finance and banking institutions.  As a result, Universal Remarketing allocates an individual asset tracking number to each asset which must then pass a stringent audit and testing procedure.  Each asset report includes the following information:


  • Individual IT asset number applied by Universal Remarketing
  • IT asset serial number
  • Customer IT asset number (if applicable)
  • IT asset specifications
  • Confirmation IT asset in working order
  • Confirmation IT asset is in good resale condition

This process has proven that all major finance and banking institutions are able to receive a detailed asset report for their records and ensure the best market value of each IT asset is achieved.


Asset Redeployment

Increasingly, businesses are wishing too extend the life of their IT asset for a number of reasons.  As a result, Universal Remarketing can take back extended lease equipment and upgrade/refurbish it for redeployment.


Asset Disposal

Universal Remarketing has a large network of wholesale and retail customers which purchase a diverse range of IT assets including PC’s, Notebooks, Servers, Monitors, Printers and many other IT assets.  As a result of the streamlined IT asset testing and cleaning procedures developed by Universal Remarketing, the best possible market price is able to be achieved to allow major finance and banking institutions realize their residual value targets.  With the expertise and experience that Universal Remarketing will offer your organization, the best market price will be achieved by either of two ways:

Straight Purchase:  Universal Remarketing will provide you with an immediate cash price for your equipment to allow quick turnaround and realization of the IT asset’s market value

Revenue Share: Universal Remarketing will sell your equipment through the large network of wholesale and retail customers.  The revenue gained from the transaction will be fairly split, at an agreed percentage, between your company and Universal Remarketing.  A detailed report of each IT asset sale will be provided either per customer return or on a monthly basis.

Universal Remarketing’s skills, professionalism and commitment will assure the best possible return is achieved.  This will be achieved by ensuring the interests of both parties are aligned behind the best possible residual return.